Nova Walker Lightweight Walkers Par Excellence

Lightweight Walkers

The Nova Company, located in Carson, California, was started in 1981 as a family owned and operated business. The family wanted to provide excellent quality products for physically challenged people thus allowing them to live a more healthy and independent lifestyle.

Almost thirty years later, Nova still remains family owned and operated, meanwhile earning a worldwide reputation for excellence; the company continues to be committed to quality, integrity, and service.

Perhaps the most notable of Nova’s walkers is the ‘GetGo’ versatile four-wheeled rolling walkers with seats. It is highly maneuverable and is available in blue, red, purple, and pink. It features a lightweight of only thirteen and a half pounds, a “Feather Touch” patented handbrake system and a three-hundred pound weight capacity.

It includes a carrying basket and offers many optional accessories such as a carrier for storage when not in use or for stowage in automobile trunks or when it is to be stowed onboard commercial aircraft in the overhead bins.

Parts for the Nova walker includes upgrades to hand grips, brake handles, and seats and backrests. An oxygen bottle bracket may be obtained and other fun accessories like lights and a horn. The Nova company also offers extra baskets and pocket stowage attachments along with an assortment of trays — the trays are available as open or with lids and lockable lids. They are available in two materials, plastic or metal.

Nova also features a Bariatric rolling walker. This is a much-simplified unit and can be discarded after use. It is meant for patient’s use during rehabilitation and not long-term usage.

Nova’s commitment to exceptional service is represented by a caring and walker educated customer service team, an excellent warranty and service program, consumer in-store education, and a heavy focus on R & D; new product innovation. Nova’s helpful staff is large enough that there is a little wait or no wait at all when seeking help concerning your Nova walker.

Nova funds charitable contributions; locally, nationally, and internationally by giving monetary donations to worthwhile charities or by the giving of actual Nova units to be distributed to those in need and cannot afford to purchase a Nova walker.

Nova walkers, in general, are not complicated and can be maintained and generally be repaired by the user or members of his or her family. Most Nova walker problems are simple ones and can be fixed using ordinary hand tools. Repair parts are also available at general walker local stores or on the Internet.

The Nova walkers are attractive, well designed, and they will last over many years of tough service. Their reliability is of the utmost concern to the members of the family-owned Nova Company and they continue their search for excellence of Nova walkers into the next thirty years.

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